Passion on a Plate by Angela McKeller

Angela McKeller brings you a cookbook that is both fun and
practical! Perfect for the most discriminating, as well as the
inexperienced cook. Ease, affordability, gourmet taste and
illustrations utilizing practical kitchen gadgets makes this cookbook
a great gift for college students, newlyweds and the experienced
entertainer, or simply to spoil yourself and those you love! With
recipes for every occasion, ...
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Simple, Everyday Favorites by The Dinner Spin

At The Dinner Spin, our goal is to inspire healthy habits when it
comes to planning, shopping, cooking, eating and budgeting.
Healthy-eating expert, Janis Bowers, shares her tips and recipes for
eating healthy when you are short on time or money on The Dinner
Spin website and now you can bring home all of the top-rated
recipes in this one collection. Chock full of recipes to help you
achieve a lifetime of healthy habits, ...
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Dinner for Busy Moms by Jeanne Muchnick

Study after study proves time spent gathered at the kitchen table
is a significant way to strengthen family bonds. Yet, in our time
crunched world, how do we fit the “goal” of what we know we
should do into our crazy, busy reality? This is not a cookbook but a
strategy guide filled with expert advice from moms just like you.
And yes, take-out counts.
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