One Thursday evening, surrounded by the warmth of
maple cabinets, gleaming granite, smell of delicious
appetizers, and laughter between friends, the TAYGA
vision began  I believed my girlfriend needed an amazing
and stylish cooking apron to complement her beautiful
new kitchen.  

This creative impulse has helped me with my own journey
of self-discovery, connecting with family and friends,
conquering new challenges, and showing we have in our
own hands the ability to create the life, joy, and beauty
that we want for ourselves and others.  My niece, Peg,
believed in the power of the kitchen apron and wanted to
join in on the growth of TAYGA. The collaboration began
between two fun dynamic women.  With the help of many
family and friends TAYGA was created.

Our products are designed to help you experience the joy
in the kitchen.   
The name TAYGA was inspired by friends.  One mentioned
these aprons are so playful and sexy, you should call them
"these ain't your grandmothers aprons!"  Of course we all
loved the name, but it was too long.  We laughed and
shared ideas around the table that evening and suddenly
another friend used the acronym and it stuck! It was short,
playful and we had a lot of fun creating catchy phrases that
will be kept in my memory forever. Girlfriends are a blessing!
Why the name TAYGA?
"The kitchen is a favorite place in
our home to gather with family
and friends."
Join us!
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